Motion Control

Precise, controlled camera motions, multi-directional model movements, and yes, it’s portable.

Motion control is the use of computer programming and industrial robotics to move objects around in space.

Our robot provides unique, repeatable motion capture capabilities for live-action and still life executions.

We operate our rig from our 4,000 square foot studio space complete with 15 ft. x 30 ft. corner-cyc wall.

Small but mighty, it’s compact footprint allows for
on-location filming with quick, efficient set up times.

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Robot Specs


Arm Reach

4 feet


Track length

10 – 30 feet


Max Height

8 feet 2 inches


Min Height

6 inches



20 lbs.



16 feet per second



34 in x 44 in



650 lbs.



3Ø 208V 16 AMP


Set Up Time

60 minutes