Nike Hyperdunk Flyknit

Nike Basketball and Dick’s Sporting Goods commissioned Where It’s Greater to visually interpret the REACT Flyknit Hyperdunks’ slogan, “Instant Rise.”

The film’s energy echoed the sneaker’s responsiveness and comfort, while the look and feel played into its minimalistic black and white color blocking. The team designed and built a Hyperdunk-inspired basketball court for Greater Studio Los Angeles to strengthen the synergy between sneaker and visual direction.

To capture the REACT technology, Where It’s Greater utilized its in-house robotic motion control system to juxtapose fluid high-speed camera movements against raw, handheld cinematography.

The live-action film is a result of how a high-speed robotic arm perfectly engages with precise athletic movement.

September 2017

Commercial Spot

Creative Direction, Film, Motion Control, Production Design, Video Editing, Color Grading


Where It’s Greater


Dick’s Sporting Goods


Decatur Dan